Why does scan data look different on iScan and Medit Link?

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Since the Medit Link v2.0 release, the way that iScan displays scan data has been changed; some users may feel that the scan images displayed on iScan seem to be a bit blur compared with those shown on Medit Link. The compensating merit of this change is a highly increased scan speed without losing any scan data quality. The mesh data, which is created after post-processing and saved in the case details of Medit Link, looks crisper than the scan images seen on iScan. As we know, the mesh data is the actual data used for designing dental prostheses. Therefore, if the mesh data is satisfactory, there is nothing to worry about. In case you’re concerned about the reliability of the scan data due to the images being slightly blurry on iScan, you can examine the data by using either the reliability map feature or the result preview function.

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