Can the DiOS 4.0 still capture scan data even when the tip of the scanner meets the teeth?

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In general, it is recommended to maintain an optimal speed and distance between the scanner tip and the teeth.

  • In general, it is recommended to set the scan depth between 15mm and 17mm which allows you to acquire the necessary scan data comfortably for most cases. You can adjust the maximum distance of the scan depth between 12mm and 21mm by using the scan depth selector.

  • The live view will show some areas masked in blue when the fields are out of the focus range, which means that the DiOS 4.0 cannot capture scan data from those areas. For an easier and smoother scanning experience, it is always better to position the scanner tip close enough to the surface of the teeth during scanning rather than trying to maintain a certain distance. However, you need to be careful not to cause discomfort to a patient by the tip meeting the teeth.

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