What is Medit Link?

Medit Link

Medit Link is an integrated dental platform which allows clinics and labs to connect and do business with each other. It provides cloud storage and simple sharing of cases and scan data, as well as easy integration of CAD software. Additionally, contracts, orders, and payments can be completed on Medit Link.

It is designed to provide different services according to your business needs as a clinic or lab. Access to specific functionalities can also be controlled by the account type of administrator or member. Medit Link helps users systematically manage a series of digital dentistry workflows including the scanning process with the DiOS 4.0 (i500) intraoral scanner, the ordering of prostheses and the manufacturing process for dental prostheses using our user-friendly menu system which is composed of Case Box, Order Box, In Box, and Work Box.

Medit Link & iScan

Medit Link helps you manage scan data from the DiOS 4.0 (i500), ensuring a smooth scanning process using the iScan. In addition, you can easily place orders by generating information from iScan. Once the scan is complete, it automatically uploads the scan files to the cloud and facilitates the order and payment process with the partnered or contracted dental labs.


It streamlines your order process based on the data generated by Medit Link while allowing you to negotiate order items and prices with dental labs in advance by processing contracts.

Cloud Service

Medit Link supports automatic upload/download of database and files through AWS (Amazon Web Services). As a result, data is automatically synchronized to the computers of multiple users in the organization, so they can access the data anytime from any computer which has the Medit Link software installed.


All patient data is encrypted for secure storage and transmission to ensure compliance with HIPAA and GDPR, as well as applicable medical laws.

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