How often should the DiOS 4.0 scanner be calibrated?

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The calibration process is essential in producing precise 3D models. It is recommended to perform the calibration process periodically.

Calibration is required when:

  • The quality of the 3D model is not reliable or accurate as compared to previous results.
  • Environmental conditions such as temperature have changed.
  • Calibration period has expired.
  • You can set the calibration period as detailed in Menu > Settings > Calibration Period (Days). The default calibration period is 14 days.


  • The calibration panel is a delicate component. Do not touch the panel directly. When the calibration process is not performing properly, check the panel. If the calibration panel is contaminated, please contact your service provider.

How to Calibrate the DiOS 4.0:

  • Turn on the DiOS 4.0 and connect the device to the software.
  • Run Calibration Wizard from Menu > Settings > Calibration.
  • Prepare the calibration tool and the DiOS 4.0.
  • If the scanner tip is attached, please remove it from the handpiece.

  • Turn the dial of the calibration tool to the position (1).

  • Remove the cover from the calibration tool and put the DiOS 4.0 handpiece into the calibration tool.

  • Click Next to start the calibration process.

  • When the handpiece is mounted in the correct position, the system will automatically acquire the data at position (1).

  • Repeat the same for position (2) to position (8) and finally, (LAST).

  • When data acquisition is completed at the (LAST) position, the system will automatically calculate and show the calibration results.

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