Can specific areas be locked to prevent changes to these areas when re-scanning?

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The Lock Area feature allows you to lock a specific area chosen by the Selection tools. Once the data area is locked, further scanning will not affect the shape of the locked area, but the color. This feature is useful when you need to preserve the retracted gingiva data scanned after cord removal.

  1. Go to the Tools section and click the Lock Area button.

  2. Mark the area to lock by using the Selection tools.
    Brush: Selects all entities on a freehand-drawn path on the screen. The brush comes in 3 different sizes.
     Polyline: Selects all entities within a polyline shape drawn on the screen.
     Circle: Selects all entities within a circular area.
     Clear Selected Area: Clears areas selected by a drawn path. The brush comes in 3 different sizes.
     Clear All Areas: Clears all selected areas.

  3. The selected area will be locked and indicated by a different colour.

  4. To unlock the area, follow the following steps:
    – Click the Clear Selected Area button.
    – Select the areas to unlock.
    – If you want to unlock all the areas, click the Clear All button.

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