Can DiOS 4.0 and Medit Link be used offline?

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The Medit Link application supports the offline mode in cases where your network is unstable or unavailable. Only clinic accounts can access this feature. While using the offline mode, the user will be able to use almost all the iScan features required for scanning, except for making orders, deleting cases, and modifying patient information.

1. Start the Medit Link application.

2. Click My Information at the bottom-left corner to open the My Information window.

3. Turn on the Work Offline option.

  • When the PC gets connected to an online network while in offline mode, or when you manually switch back to the online mode, the off-line mode will be terminated, and the file synchronization process will be reinitiated.
  • There is no time limit to use the Medit Link application in offline mode; however, there is a 30-days limit for iScan.
  • The off-line mode is available only for accounts that have previously logged in to the Medit Link website at least once. If a user has never logged in to the website, the off-line mode option will not be made available.

Offline mode is now available for lab accounts.

 ⚠️ The cases created in online mode can not deleted in offline mode.

1. Click the Network Status icon in the title bar.

2. Enable/disable Work Offline.

(1) Network status: Good, Fair, Poor, and Disconnected.

  • Depending on the network performance, the upload speed may alter.

(2) Indication of sync status

(3) Enable/disable offline mode.

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